Dental Implants

This use to be the most common option for individuals who had lost their teeth. Although dentures remain to be a popular option for patients, the development of dental implants has revolutionized restorative dentistry for people who are looking to enhance the functionality and appearance of their teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsA dental implant is basically a post made of titanium metal designed to replace the root of the tooth. This metal post is surgically embedded into the bone beneath your gums. Once implanted, the metal post becomes the foundation for the replacement tooth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are not removable but will permanently stay in place. This is a great benefit since you won’t have to worry about the replacement teeth loosening when chewing, eating or speaking. Most patients also like the fact that the implants make the replacement teeth feel like their natural ones!

In most cases, dental implants Regina are also better for your oral health since there won’t be any bridges that need to be attached to your other teeth for support.

If you are interested in getting dental implants then your dentist can guide you through the process. Anyone who has lost teeth is technically a candidate for dental implants. However, it is essential that you are in good health as there are certain health conditions that can affect the attachment of the implant to the bone. This is why our dentist will ask you for a detailed medical history during your consultation. It is important to take this time to share your past and current medical condition in detail and disclose medications that you are taking.

Dental Implants MultipleOnce you are determined to be fit for a dental implant, a dental assessment will be performed to examine your mouth, teeth, and jaw. This is done in order to accurately determine where the dental implants will be placed. The dental assessment usually involves specialized x-rays, molding models of your teeth and even CT scans. The help of advanced computer imaging helps us accurately determine the correct location of the implants.

Once the dental implants have been successfully placed, caring for them is amazingly simple. Replacement teeth are in fact quite durable and in case they deteriorate from wear and tear, our dentist can easily replace them with new false teeth that will go over the implants. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can stop caring for your teeth. Good oral hygiene in the form of regular brushing and flossing are still important to maintain both your original teeth, replacement teeth and dental implants.…

How to improve your smile?

Who doesn’t want a good smile? It is one of the first things that people notice about you. A healthy and an impressive smile cannot be achieved overnight. You have to work out on it by pursuing different methods.

This article will guide you on ways to have a great smile and maintain it for lifetime. Here are some easy steps in which you can enhance the visual appeal of your teeth:


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Flossing eliminates the plaque between teeth and under the gum lines where toothbrush cannot usually reach. It prevents your teeth from decaying. Plaque and tartar build up can cause diseases which cause tooth loss and bone destruction ruining your smile.

All you have to do is wrap the floss and insert in the spaces between your teeth. You can even go for oral irrigator if flossing doesn’t suit you. This devices sprays liquid to remove plaque between your teeth and below your gum line.

Visit your dentist

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Dentists can guide you the way no other can. Visiting them will ensure a healthy and an impressive smile. Having a routine check-up every three months can promote good oral health and a beautiful smile. Irregular cleanings can develop into periodontal diseases resulting into swollen gums. It is also linked to dangerous heart conditions.

You dentist will not only guide you to remove stains and tartar from your teeth but also screen for health conditions directly related to your oral health like high blood pressure and oral cancer. Many conditions like these manifest themselves in your mouth so dentist can help do the job.

Give up unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits like eating tobacco and smoking can cause staining to your teeth. The stain from smoke can be polished off but it often soaks deep into the enamel. It damages your healthy gums developing large pockets around your teeth. It makes your teeth appear longer and creates dark spaces between them. It also makes it difficult to reverse gum disease. Similarly intake of tobacco can be highly injurious to your oral health.

Choose your whitening products carefully

Everything has been commercialized these days. Companies do not sell genuine products. There is a large variety of whitening products available in the market. Gel pens, tooth pastes, strips, laser whitening and what not. Each type has its own benefits however there are downsides associated with each of them. For instance, whitening toothpastes are ideal for coffee and tea drinkers whereas gel pens are good for touching up small areas. Laser whitening provide more professional results and instant results. Whatever product you choose, make sure not to compromise on the quality.

Drink water

Water is the healthiest drink of all the liquids out there. Drinking plenty of water can give you a healthy smile and a healthy body. It flushes your teeth and discourages tooth decay. Water with high components of fluoride can be good for your oral health. Consider consuming water which contains high level of fluoride to impress people with your smile.…